Polestar Design Contest 2020

Polestar Design Contest 2020

For designers, by designers

Polestar is the guiding star. We show what’s next and what’s possible in the world of electric performance cars, and we do so through design. We are the change we want to see in our industry, breaking with convention to show a better way. And we don’t want to do it alone. This is why we engage with other designers, providing inspiration and support, in order to create this change our industry needs.

Thus, the Polestar Design Contest was created.



Design a new Polestar that is the purest of designs, one from twenty years from now, which showcases what Polestar’s slightly-more-distant future will look like (but still within the realm of possibility).

It could be a car. It could be something else. What it has to be is a vision of Polestar's design evolution in the year 2040, following the Polestar design philosophy.

Winners will be announced on November 12th, 2020.


Siddhesh Bhogale

An airship that looks ahead twenty years by combining Polestar design with a 21st-century aviation approach.

Konrad Cholewka

An inclusive design, pure in the way its form derives from the intersection of two simple geometric shapes.

Arthur Martins

A design which shows how the pure, progressive, performance values of Polestar could translate into the boating world.

Franklin Guo

A simple geometric design approach that takes inspiration from noted designer Dieter Rams.

Ankit Ukil

An interior designed to give the purest of driving experiences.

Lennart Frank

Taking mobility design to its most pure and simple form: the shoe.

Yash Vardhan Bhatter

Pure in its focus on the idea of connecting outside and inside for a new mobility experience.

Matthias Walz

An extreme performance Polestar designed to be experienced in combination with different sports.

Rohit Dhiman

A design that takes Polestar into space.

Sang Won Lee

A Polestar e-bike designed to make a strong statement.

Aldo H. Schurmann

A vision for an electric sports car without the complexity of today's traditional designs.

Vivek Marathe

A far-future concept for a new form of two-person, autonomous, hydrofoil and watercraft.

Madhav Dua

A vision of an autonomous Polestar air vehicle.

Polestar Design Community

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