A design-focused electric performance car brand, harnessing refined performance and cutting-edge technology.

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The guiding star to sustainability

At Polestar, we’re determined to improve the society we live in by accelerating the change to a fully electric, climate-neutral future.

That’s why we’re taking concrete actions to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. Leading the development of new technologies. Embracing solutions for a circular economy.

We’re raising our voice and pushing the automotive industry to embrace transparency in carbon footprint reporting, supply chain ethics and materials traceability. And we’re doing our best to conduct our business in an ethical and responsible way.

It’s time to make a positive change in the world. Join us on the journey towards sustainable, avant-garde electric mobility.

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Polestar 2

A fully electric, five-door fastback.


Unlike conventional car dealerships or showrooms, Polestar spaces are carefully designed, unique retail environments. Get to know our cars at your own pace, right in the middle of town. No salespeople. No pressure.

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We aim to improve the society we live in by accelerating the change to sustainable mobility.
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