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The guiding star to sustainability

Polestar is determined to improve the society we live in. We are on a journey towards sustainable, avant-garde electric mobility.

Today, electricity is not always generated in a sustainable way – but it could be. Elements, materials, manufacturing, transportation and the usage of cars are all areas that need improvement. We do not have all the answers today but it is our mission to tackle these issues and consequently improve the way we will live tomorrow.

Climate action through leading the development of new technologies, embracing solutions for a circular economy and conducting our business in an ethical and responsible way, are what we are all about. We constantly strive for new, greener technology that improves performance to be used in our cars. Our use of blockchain to responsibly source Cobalt is an example of our efforts, but we are fully aware there is still much work to be done.

Battery circularity will become a key focus in the automotive industry and Polestar is committed to guiding the industry forward in minimizing the environmental impact of batteries. Together with driving technology, the modern approach to ownership in Polestar Plan will help to transform the automotive retail industry and create endless opportunities for sustainable business solutions.

With our connection to Volvo Cars and our shared technologies, we have a strong foundation for our sustainability targets moving forward. The dream of a fully electric future will not happen overnight, but together we will move in the right direction and without compromise. Society as a whole is responsible for the journey towards a sustainable future and Polestar will work relentlessly to accelerate the shift to clean electric transportation.

At Polestar, the sky is the limit.

Polestar 2

A fully electric, five-door fastback.


Unlike conventional car dealerships or showrooms, Polestar spaces are carefully designed, unique retail environments. Get to know our cars at your own pace, right in the middle of town. No salespeople. No pressure.

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We aim to improve the society we live in by accelerating the change to sustainable mobility.
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