Polestar Design Contest Winners

Rohit Dhiman

Polestar Chaperone

The Polestar design contest brief did not stipulate that entries should have to be cars, or even forms of transport. With this in mind, professional category finalist Rohit Dhiman chose to design a dedicated Polestar communications satellite that would be part of a system providing real-time data connectivity to other Polestar products. Dhiman described it as being an “invisible form of design” as it would be a product literally a long way from our streets, unlike a Polestar car. But even though it is neither a form of transport itself, nor something that will be much seen, it has a purity of purpose as an important element of a wider Polestar system. It also has other qualities already associated with Polestar design, such as the simple and bold geometric shapes, the reveal of technical elements, and the restrained colour palette.

What does “pure” mean to you, and for your Polestar design?

In my opinion, purity comes when every aspect is useful, and nothing is unnecessary. Vehicles in our current ecosystem, with their limited interior space due to mechanical components, have only so many applications. So, it's easy to use a source from other ecosystems, such as communication satellites for cars as well as smartphones. That limits their efficiency. But in 2040, when all cars are electric, vehicles will require their own source to function effectively and safely. This is where Polestar Chaperone becomes a necessity. This is what makes it pure.

How would you describe the essence of your design to someone who hasn’t seen it before?

Polestar Chaperone is an advanced, high capacity, versatile communications satellite that would provide real-time data connectivity to all Polestar products. Just like our smartphones have apps which need constant connectivity to function smoothly, our vehicles will have the same (or even greater) requirements. And for that, we will need an exclusive communication satellite dedicated to feeding data into Polestar cars.

What is it about your design that you are most proud of, or that is most unique?

The purpose of Polestar is to serve as a guiding star in the emerging era of sustainable electric vehicles. In my opinion, there are two aspects when doing that. One is the visible aspect, the one we are most familiar with: Polestar 1, Polestar 2 and Precept. All of them are visible in terms of their styling, their sustainable materials and their performance, and they serve as inspiration. The other aspect is the invisible aspect, which Polestar Chaperone is based on. It serves its purpose from behind the scenes and that's what makes it unique. Also, the fact that it has the potential to make others think about the invisible aspect of design makes me proud.

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