Polestar Design Contest Winners

Matthias Walz

Electric Hypercar x Pick-Up

Were Polestar to produce an extreme performance car, we would break with tradition, offering something that provides more tangible value and honest functionality.

This design from student category finalist Matthias Walz suggests one direction such a Polestar hypercar might take: his design has a versatile open rear deck that could accommodate two electric bikes, two surf boards, or two pairs of skis. This would enable the experience of a hypercar being used together with other exciting sports vehicles, a combination that to-date has not been possible.

This design also shows that while Polestar has no immediate intentions to enter the hypercar sector, its design language set out by the 1, 2 and Precept would suit that format perfectly.

What does “pure” mean to you, and for your Polestar design?

Pure, to me, means achieving a functional, strong design without decoration. Everything has to be there for a reason. The focus is on an iconic silhouette combined with sculptural shapes and strong graphics.

How would you describe the essence of your design to someone who hasn’t seen it before?

The final product is a mix of a two-seater electric hypercar and a pick-up. The idea behind this car is that you are buying a “Polestar 5” and, in addition, you can also choose from different kind of sports equipment. For example: electric motorbikes, surfboards, or skis, all depending on what you want to do and where you want to go.

What is it about your design that you are most proud of, or that is most unique?

I like the concept of bringing two completely different types of car together. In my opinion, the bikes in the rear strengthen the design in terms of generating an image of freedom. The proposal offers you so many possibilities. You’re not just buying a car; you’re buying a lifetime experience.

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