Polestar Design Contest Winners

Konrad Cholewka

Polestar MMXL

Polestar Design Contest professional category finalist Konrad Cholewka’s design boasts a cabin, accessed through a universally accessible single rear door, which is arranged more like a living room than a normal car to enable easy socialising. It also features a front bench seat which can be rotated 180 degrees to face the direction of travel.

Its design is pure in its geometry: its core form is defined by a cylindrical shape intersecting a rectangular box form. Subtle forms and lines then enrich the design, as do lighting and technical details like the roof mounted cameras, which take inspiration from the recent Polestar Precept.

What does “pure” mean to you, and for your Polestar design?

Honest. Focused. Distinctive. I applied these three principles to offer a unique travelling experience. Thanks to the use of smart glass and holograms, I was able to keep the interior cosy and clear from distractions. The basic forms of the exterior follow the main function of the rotating seat inside.

How would you describe the essence of your design to someone who hasn’t seen it before?

Close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting on a comfortable white sofa while travelling in the MMXL autonomous vehicle. It’s calm and quiet because it’s all-electric, so you can focus on the view and read the information on the smart glass regarding the place you’re passing through. With a wave of your hand, the sofa rotates 180 degrees and you find yourself in a cosy space. Your friend is sitting on one of the sofas, making a hologram video call. When the journey is over, you exit from the rear and take in the premium technical details of the futuristic exterior. You watch while MMXL interacts with the other cars and pedestrians via lights. It seems alive.

What is it about your design that you are most proud of, or that is most unique?

I am happy that MMXL is wheelchair friendly. In fact, the vehicle can be accessed by disabled people through a special moving platform on the rear. I added this feature because I believe in a sustainable future for all!

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