Polestar Design Contest Winners

Franklin Guo

Polestar C

While all of the design contestants followed the same brief, they also took their own individual approaches. Professional finalist category designer Franklin Guo chose to channel designer Dieter Rams’ statement that “good design is as little design as possible, good design is concerned with the environment" when answering the design brief’s theme of “pure”.

The result of this approach is a form-centric design that places an ellipsoid shape forming the cabin where two occupants would sit, onto a simple base form, to create the idea that the cabin is floating on water.

The use of two-dimensional geometric shapes and slender colour lines give some definition to the design, while also referencing similar design cues from Polestar Precept.

What does “pure” mean to you, and for your Polestar design?

For me, pure is power. A calm, peaceful, yet strong power which could help strike a balance between humankind’s desires and nature’s demands. This kind of power is what I want to convey in my design, not just in the appearance of the car but in the functions as well. Taking both form and function into consideration just like the functionalism advocated by Scandinavian design.

How would you describe the essence of your design to someone who hasn’t seen it before?

The earth’s environment in 2040 will be worse than it is now. Glaciers will melt and sea levels will rise. People's concerns over the environment will be greater than they are now. As Polestar is an electric car brand featuring minimalistic designs and high performance. I combined performance and environmental protection in my design. Dieter Rams said in the Ten Commandments of Design that "good design is as little design as possible…good design is concerned with the environment". That’s exactly what I had in mind when I was designing Polestar C.

What is it about your design that you are most proud of, or that is most unique?

Before I got started with the design, I referred to a lot of Polestar works, most of which feel strong and unyielding. Then I thought, Polestar vehicles could also be smooth and have curves. With that in mind, I thought of a rounded letter C, which later became part of the headlights and a feature throughout the vehicle. I designed the cockpit of Polestar C to be like a bubble floating on water, suspended on the car body. I reserved a huge space in the chassis to display the device for filtering air. The huge grille on the front face is not only strong but also functional. It takes in a large amount of air and carbon dioxide when driving fast and filters out water and oxygen through the decomposition device in the car, thereby contributing to greater air cleanliness.

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