Polestar Design Contest Winners

Ankit Ukil

Polestar 1+2

Many people think of a car’s exterior when they think of “car design”. However, the interior is what car users see and interact with most and is therefore equally important.

Student category finalist Ankit Ukil’s design started with a novel “1+2” seating layout that enables the driver to be placed centrally; maximising a pure driving experience along the lines of a single-seat racing car, while providing a long space for passengers' feet to either side.

The design steps off from a wrap-around instrument panel that both visually defines the driver space and is a good ergonomic solution. The driver space is also encircled by a dark element that echoes the form of the dashboard.

The three seats are body-hugging in shape and have signature Polestar gold seat belts integrated within deep slots in the seat sides.

What does “pure” mean to you, and for your Polestar design?

Pure is the idea that a certain product's design exemplifies its true intent. It doesn’t focus on unnecessary decoration, but rather on providing the end user with tools to improve and enhance the user experience. For my design, I focused on creating the best possible driving experience; with a design that is "pure" to that intention, while at the same time enjoyable for the passengers.

How would you describe the essence of your design someone who hasn’t seen it before?

The 1+2 concept is aimed at someone who is looking for an optimised driving experience, while being able to share that experience with others. It delivers this experience without compromising on luxury. The vehicle would be described as a performance three-seater. 

What is it about your design that you are most proud of, or that is most unique?

A particular area of my design which I think is unique is the wraparound IP section. It places the driver at the centre of the vehicle, while wrapping around and connecting the entire space as a visual element. This particular design solution gives the interior a distinctive look, with a portion of the IP lifting up in order to allow ingress and egress for the driver. 

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