Polestar Design Contest

Polestar is the guiding star. We show what’s next and what’s possible in the world of electric performance cars, and we do so through design. We are the change we want to see in our industry, breaking with convention to show a better way. And we don’t want to do it alone. This is why we engage with other designers, providing inspiration and support, in order to create this change our industry needs.

Thus, the Polestar Design Contest was created.

Design brief


Design a new Polestar that is the purest of designs, one from twenty years from now, which showcases what Polestar’s slightly-more-distant future will look like (but still within the realm of possibility).

It could be a car. It could be something else. What it has to be is a vision of Polestar's design evolution in the year 2040, following the Polestar design philosophy.

Selection and evaluation


Shortlisted designers
Ten professional and ten student designers will receive individual feedback from Polestar Design, followed by a one-on-one coaching session with Polestar designer (and Polestar Design Community founder) Juan Pablo Bernal.

Finalist designers
Five professional and five student designers, chosen from the shortlisted group, will receive digital modelling support from Polestar Design and/or its affiliates, have their designs displayed during the Polestar Design Exhibition, and have them posted and shared via Polestars digital channels.

Winning designers
One professional and one student designer will have their designs produced as a 1/5 scale hard model by Polestar. These hard models will be the centrepieces for the Polestar Design Exhibition, which the winners will attend as guests of honour, with accommodations and transportation costs taken care of. 

How to submit


For any questions regarding the design contest, please visit the Polestar Design Community on Instagram.

Polestar Design Exhibition

Curated by Polestar Design, this event is a gallery exhibition of the winning submissions and models from the year’s design contest, held on Thursday, November 12th. The winning contestants will attend as guests of honour, with Polestar arranging their travel and accommodations.

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