Polestar Design Contest 2020

Polestar Design Contest 2020

For designers, by designers

Polestar is the guiding star. We show what’s next and what’s possible in the world of electric performance cars, and we do so through design. We are the change we want to see in our industry, breaking with convention to show a better way. And we don’t want to do it alone. This is why we engage with other designers, providing inspiration and support, in order to create this change our industry needs.

Thus, the Polestar Design Contest was created.

2020 design brief


Design a new Polestar that is the purest of designs, one from twenty years from now, which showcases what Polestar’s slightly-more-distant future will look like (but still within the realm of possibility).

It could be a car. It could be something else. What it has to be is a vision of Polestar's design evolution in the year 2040, following the Polestar design philosophy.

The winners

The inaugural Polestar Design Contest saw a huge number of submissions, each one featuring a high level of creativity and technical ability. Which made choosing winners all the more difficult. The two which took the title went above and beyond the design brief, showcasing products which both expressed Polestar’s design future and offered solutions to some of today’s pressing issues. See below.


Siddhesh Bhogale, Polestar 40

An airship that looks ahead twenty years by combining Polestar design with a 21st-century aviation approach.

Today we are accustomed to many different types of vehicles. The airship, however, remains rare.  Yet with the desire to experience journeys and undertake research in remote locations such as the Arctic, with the development of drone-type propulsion systems, and with some regions having little transport infrastructure, airships may see a resurgence.  

Polestar Design Contest student category winner Siddhesh Bhogale has designed a Polestar that takes a new form of airship that combines 21stcentury Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) concepts with the larger, classic, lighter-than-air vehicles. The design looks ahead twenty years to when electric power could be used to power airships, and the means to generate electric power off-grid in remote locations would likely be possible.  The design also reflects Polestar in its form, use of colours, and graphics, as well in its focus on electric power.



Konrad Cholewka, Polestar MMXL

An inclusive, autonomous pod with a flexible interior design, pure in its combination of two geometric shapes.

Polestar Design Contest professional category winner Konrad Cholewka’s design boasts a cabin, accessed through a universally accessible single rear door, which is arranged more like a living room than a normal car to enable easy socialising. It also features a front bench seat which can be rotated 180 degrees to face the direction of travel.

Its design is pure in its geometry: its core form is defined by a cylindrical shape intersecting a rectangular box form. Subtle forms and lines then enrich the design, as do lighting and technical details like the roof mounted cameras, which take inspiration from the recent Polestar Precept.


Honorable mention

Arthur Martins, Spänning

A design which shows how the pure, progressive performance values of Polestar could translate into the boating world.

The Polestar Design contest brief asked for a design that could be a car, or something else, because those behind the contest did not want to limit future directions for the brand. Professional category finalist Arthur Martin’s design shows the potential for just this: an electric yacht design that offers a true alternative to conventional yachts, just as Polestar cars do in the automotive world.  The simple and brutal form contrasts with the flowing water around it to make a strong impact. Such a silent and pure craft would offer a unique travel experience. The inclusions of sensors would enable autonomous piloting to enhance safety and route guidance, and the monochrome colour palette and the bow side nameplate are classic Polestar design cues.   


The finalists

Franklin Guo

A sports car realised through a simple geometric design, influenced by noted designer Dieter Rams.

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