Every so often, science fiction becomes science fact. Like the materials made by Bcomp, that blend technology and living materials to create sustainable natural fibre composites.

Both Polestar and Bcomp are visionary brands with a drive to go faster than all the others. Breaking new ground. Using sustainability as a design challenge to push innovation forward.

“Swiss natural fibre firm Bcomp came up with the idea of using fully sustainable flax to create high-performance composite materials… then we came up with the idea of using these composites in the Polestar Precept.”

Sustainability, performance and luxury in one package, Polestar 5 is packed with innovative natural and recycled source materials, including Bcomp composites that help cut weight and reduce the amount of virgin plastic in interior panels.

Radical in design, engineering and ambition, Re:Move is a small, multi-functional electric transporter. Its Bcomp composite covers are a natural replacement for plastics.

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“We have to address the challenge of global warming by making things better, not just greener. Polestar sees the opportunity first, and embraces the problems together with us, as a challenge.”


Sustainability is a unifying topic. One of the defining issues of the current age, the push for greater sustainability must span everything, every industry sector, every geography. Accordingly, it makes sense to collaborate. To unite those already engaged in the quest for a more sustainable future.

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