The near future is inspirational, in part because of its close proximity. It gives designers a framework for showing the next steps we might take as a society. Like teaming up for a virtual fashion show.

Both Polestar and Balenciaga have a shared fascination with what’s just around the corner. Predicting the near future by innovating and using materials in new ways.

“As an emerging brand in a very traditional industry we could immediately relate to the innovative and courageous approach that Balenciaga took, leaving conventions behind and expanding the traditional format of a fashion show to the virtual world.”

The Age of Tomorrow showcases Balenciaga’s autumn/winter 2021 collection and a handful of Polestar’s concept vehicles on the streets of a virtual urban landscape in the year 2031.

“Being fans of cars, we were intrigued by the futuristic vehicles from the Polestar Design Community. The old notion of premium and luxury is changing. It was great to partner with Polestar for our Afterworld project.”

The near future has been a muse for countless designers. It provides a framework in which creativity can thrive alongside an inbuilt sense of realism. The Polestar Design Contest and Polestar Precept were some of our near-future explorations. “Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow” is one of Balenciaga’s. And they’ve asked Polestar to be a part of it. Read more

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