The purest form of performance with Polestar O₂

Driving is thrilling.

Even those who don’t engage in pedal-to-the-metal antics can concede that there’s an excitement in sitting behind the wheel. Is it because it enables one to travel at speeds they’d never be able to achieve on their own? Is it because the car feels like an extension of oneself, being able to control a large and complex machine with the turn of a wrist or the pressing of a pedal? Whatever the explanation, the feeling is undeniable.

For too long, however, these thrills have come at the expense of the environment. There’s an undercurrent of guilt when driving just for the fun of it. Driving giveth, but it also taketh away. Polluting performance cars are a problem.

Polestar O2 is the solution.

A fully electric convertible concept, Polestar O2 is performance freed from the constraints of a bygone era. No colossal V8, no ear-splitting engine growl. Just pure electric power with all the perks that provides. Silence. Instant acceleration. Torque on demand. And the knowledge that the air gets no dirtier with every drive.

And with the accompanying drone, incorporated between the rear compartment and the seats, the driving experience gains another dimension. No longer is the drive a just a drive. Now, thanks to the drone, it’s a story with the driver as the main character. And with three filming modes, the story can be an action-packed adrenaline ride, an atmospheric cruise, or something where the occupants are truly in focus.

Experience performance without pollution. Document it with the drone. And whatever the psychological explanation behind the need for speed is, fulfil it without the nagging feeling of contributing to the climate crisis.

Polestar O2. The purest, most progressive form of performance.


Polestar sustainability report 2021

Accountability is key. To combat the growing tide of greenwashing, greenhushing, and all the other buzzwords that denote a lack of transparency around sustainability work, we need to hold each other responsible. Successes and failures need to be communicated. Questions need to be asked and answers demanded. We need hard data when it comes to exactly what it is we’re doing, and what we have left to do. And when requiring these things from others, we can’t forget ourselves.

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