Stars of 2021: Anya Ernest and Alexander Lutz

When it comes to symbols, a star is quite compelling. Protection, guidance, and lofty ambitions, a star can denote all of these. Being dubbed a Star in the car industry, however, can only mean one of the following: you’re either exceeding expectations in a particularly challenging environment of the auto sector, or you’re considered a rising industry leader. At Polestar, we’ve got them both.

Anya Ernest, Service Designer (innovation & business design), has shined at the Eurostars Awards of Automotive News Europe. As one of seventeen, she’s being recognised as a leader who has gone above and beyond to help drive her company’s success and is accordingly honoured as one of the “Eurostars of 2021”.

Anya Ernest oversees the in-car apps at Polestar and is thus responsible for exploring the possibilities for meaningful user experiences through the combination of apps and technology. For her instrumental work with the Polestar Developer Portal and its Polestar 2 Emulator, projects like Space Warp and the Video Player, among many others, Anya Ernest has received a “Eurostar for excellence” in the Connectivity & User Experience category.

“I find inspiration in trying to understand scenarios and how people act in those. And service design, or systemic design if you like, is all about making predictions about the future. In my role as a designer, I make conscious decisions about conditions that I believe will make a design come to life whenever a person is experiencing it,” says Anya Ernest.

And she is not the only Polestar being recognised. Alexander Lutz, Managing Director of Polestar Germany, is this year’s winner in Automotive News Europe’s Rising Stars program. The award honours auto executives who have the talent and dedication necessary to become industry leaders of tomorrow.

“It’s an honour to be recognised by an organisation like Automotive News Europe. Although the award is an individual one, I’m receiving it on behalf of the entire Polestar Germany team. Together we know just how exciting and challenging it is to launch an all-new electric performance brand here,” states Alexander Lutz.

"With this year’s group of winners, we have recognized 262 people as Eurostars in the last 24 years and all of them have built a significant piece of the greatness and resiliency of the European auto industry”, says Luca Ciferri, Automotive News Europe Associate Publisher & Editor. 

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. After all, one should call things for what they are. Especially if they are stars.


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