Robb Report’s “Best of the Best” 2020

Polestar Precept, our vision vehicle, is made with sustainable, organic and upcycled material solutions, creating a new expression of premium. It is made with ground-breaking technologies integrated throughout, such as an intuitive infotainment system. It is made with design elements, both exterior and interior, that more closely resemble designs from the world of aerospace.

The one thing it was made without is compromise.

This lack of compromise is partly what made it so exceptional. And now, Robb Report, a publication with a similar disdain for the middle ground (their slogan: “Luxury Without Compromise”) has just awarded Precept the Best of the Best award for sustainable design.

We’d like to sincerely thank Robb Report for the award. Unlike compromise, it’s made everyone happy.  

See Robb Report’s interview with Head of Polestar US Gregor Hembrough below.


The importance of impatience: Polestar 2 sustainability upgrades

Patience. A famously good thing. There is no end to the folksy phrases and nuggets of wisdom that emphasise the importance of being good at waiting. Patience, it’s said, is a virtue. But when it comes to righting environmental wrongs, it’s also a luxury. One we don’t have. Which is the reasoning behind the Polestar 2 sustainability upgrades.

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