Polestar Design Contest – meet one of the judges: Sam Livingstone

On the 23rd June 2020 Polestar launched the Polestar Design Contest: an opportunity for professional and student designers from all over the world to submit their vision of a Polestar future in 2040. With many exciting ways to approach the design brief, the jury will be keeping a keen eye on all the submissions and that includes design expert and judge Sam Livingstone.

As a Visiting Professor at the Royal College of Art in London, Sam has helped nurture the future stars of the industry. He’s also the founder of Car Design Research and has worked with many of the major automotive brands, guiding Design Directors and senior management teams on their future brand, product and design strategies.

Polestar is different from the established automotive brands. There’s a clear ambition to be the change they want to see in the car industry. To challenge established norms, identify new directions and to guide the industry forward towards a more positive future. It’s an approach that Sam finds compelling:

For me, the interesting thing is that Polestar is unique in being both the most design-centric brand, yet one that has made few marks in the sand.  So there is a real opportunity here.  And it’s good to be part of a contest that is pioneering in the way it engages with participating designers, coaching them and supporting their model development — it’s a two-way street in a world of one-way street design contests.”

Since its announcement, the contest has received plenty of press attention and support from the design community. Does Sam think this will help make it more attractive for budding designers? 

“Knowing this is very much a design contest born from the design group — originating from JP (Jean Pablo Bernal) who is the designer at Polestar behind the Polestar Design Community on Instagram, and Max (Polestar Design Director, Maximilian Missoni) — and that it will exhibit the work of finalists and winners at an annual Polestar Design Exhibition makes it very attractive, yes. This is no marketing exercise. This authentic, by designers-for-designers approach, is something I believe also speaks to the design community.”

The jury consists of Maximilian Missoni, Juan Pablo Bernal and Sam Livingstone. You can read more about the contest here: Polestar Design Contest.


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