Polestar Design Contest: Maximilian Missoni interview

Polestar Design Contest was launched in order to support and promote innovation within design. One of the judges is Head of Design at Polestar Maximilian Missoni and he knows what it is like to establish a career in the car design industry.

Missoni was interested in design from an early age, not least since he comes from a family of architects and grew up surrounded by design. In the very beginning, he was particularly interested in boat and yacht design, however, after learning about the Italian car design company Pininfarina and their work, his interest shifted to cars. From that day on, he was hooked.

When it comes to building a career in car design, Missoni sees an exciting future ahead:

“We are in an era where car design and the industry in general are changing dramatically. We're shifting from combustion to electrification, we're going for a high degree of autonomous driving, and we're really focusing on sustainability which is a monumental task. Not since the invention of the motor car has the industry been as exciting as it is right now.”

Creating a career in car design is not easy though, and Missoni talks about the importance of knowing how to face the challenges:

“Car design is and will always be a very competitive field compared to other areas within the car industry. In design, we encourage a healthy competition because we need to push each other to get to the best results. But that also means that it’s important to learn how to deal with defeat. With losing a project or a competition. It's never easy, but when you overcome it and you turn it into something that motivates you, you're going to succeed.”

Polestar is a guiding star and through the Polestar Design Contest, we can engage with designers from all around the world and help guide them in creating the future of car design. Missoni talks about what this means for Polestar:

“At Polestar, we are out to create excellence in design and part of that is also discovering excellent designers, which these competitions help us to do. We want to give young designers a platform to show their work, but also to get input from professionals in the field in order improve their skills. If we see somebody who really fits with our team and who has our sense of aesthetics, we are willing to go further and discuss internships or jobs. It also creates a forum of discussion about design at the intersection of technology and design of the future. Since this is an annual event, it will grow and we will tour with the exhibition to engage an even wider audience. I hope that this will be one of the annual dates you put into your calendar because you're excited to see what the designers are coming up with next year and of course to also have fun.”

The Polestar Design Contest has now been closed for submissions, and shortlisted designs have been notified to prepare for the next phase. Read more about it here.



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