Motifs: Florian Jung

Think globally, act locally. A phrase that encourages people to consider the entire planet when making decisions. That even on the individual level, choices can have a global impact. Something that Florian Jung fully believes in.

I’m convinced that electromobility will move us forward, no question about it.

A professional windsurfer, ocean adventurer, environmentalist, e-mobility advocate and founder of the non-profit Mon Coeur foundation, Jung believes that true sustainability is achievable if people take personal responsibility first. “The world is like a house,” he explains. “If each and every one of us cleans up their room, we can live here with 8 billion people.”

Jung is also of the opinion that a lot of small changes can lead to big ones. That every step in the right direction is worth celebrating. “It’s not about being perfect,” he states when asked about current climate protection efforts. “It’s about replacing small things in everyday life and incorporating others accordingly. All these little things add up to the big change that we need.”

One of these “little” changes is choosing to drive electric. “Both driving Polestar 2 and surfing are rituals in everyday life that I really enjoy,” he says. “Driving from A to B with a car like this long term, with a clear conscience, would be great.” The growing popularity of EVs, combined with the increasing efforts to produce electricity cleanly and sustainably, represent a true shift towards a more climate-friendly future. “In the long run, electromobility is the most sustainable option for me,” says Jung. “Things are already going in the right direction, but of course we are still at the beginning. I’m convinced that electromobility will move us forward, no question about it.”

See more about Jung’s “think globally, act locally” approach, his thoughts on climate change, and (of course) his windsurfing above. And to read the full interview with Jung, head here (article in German).


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