Do electric vehicles have gearboxes?

People often wonder if electric vehicles (EV) have a gearbox or not. The answer is yes, but for most EVs, there is no need to have the multiple gears you find in a traditional petrol or diesel car. Let us further explain using our own EV, Polestar 2.

The transmission in Polestar 2 consists of one reduction gear.  

Electric motors have the ability to spin to high speeds compared to their combustion engine counterparts. The single gear in Polestar 2 reduces the speed of rotation from the electric motor to the wheel and, crucially, increases the torque by the same factor. Torque is important as it is this force that turns the wheels to accelerate the car. Our engineers specified the size of the gear to balance both torque and wheel speed to achieve Polestar 2’s performance targets.

When you accelerate in Polestar 2 you feel one smooth acceleration from stand still to top speed.  No gear shifts to interrupt progression.  Less complexity, improving efficiency and reducing wear and tear.  And don’t be fooled into thinking that in some way performance is less than in those more complex machines, with the 0-100 sprint taking less than 5 seconds, performance remains at the heart of Polestar 2.

One gear to rule them all.


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