Polestar and Plugsurfing

Home is where the charge is. As the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles expands, range anxiety shrinks. More and more motorists will see electric charging stations as a natural part of the landscape, becoming as familiar as conventional gas stations while improving upon them substantially. Welcoming places to pass a few minutes while the battery gets topped up.

Jack Harding takes the Polestar 1 on tour

Jack Harding takes the Polestar 1 on tour

Professional landscape photographer Jack Harding recently embarked on a road trip on some of the best roads Scotland has to offer, behind the wheel of the Polestar 1, an exclusive limited run electric performance hybrid. Using the Polestar 1’s electric-only Pure mode in the city, and the plug-in hybrid Grand Tourer’s Power mode on winding roads, he experienced all the different facets of our electric performance hybrid, snapping photos along the way.
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