Forging a guiding star

We’ve been about getting off the beaten track from the get-go. Convinced we must dare to improve, innovate, experiment, and put people first, to be the change we know needs to happen. And our employees embody this mentality. Because when you embark on a journey with a car manufacturer that doesn’t take the easy road, you won’t either.

Polestar 2’s music video debut: Bionic by Ou-Yang Nana

It’s important to do things properly. We’re determined to improve the society we live in by accelerating the shift to more sustainable electric mobility, and though we want this shift to occur sooner rather than later, that doesn't mean speed at the expense of what's right. The length of our checklists when designing, testing, and building Polestar 2 would shock a NASA launch engineer. Which makes it the perfect car to feature in the video for “Bionic”, the latest single by Ou-Yang Nana, who also knows a thing or two about diligent preparation.

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