Sofia and Malin
Five questions for

In their roles as global community managers, Sofia and Malin shape and develop the relationship between Polestar and the digital community.

What’s the best part of your job?

Sofia: I’d say interacting with the fans and the community, making sure that they get the answers that they deserve. And being part of this journey, creating customer experiences.
Malin: The best thing is connecting with Polestar enthusiasts on social media. Also, seeing the engagement whenever we post something new.

What’s something you’ve done here at Polestar that you’re immensely proud of?

Sofia: I’d have to say the launch day of the Polestar 2. That day was crazy, and intense, but it’s a day I’ll remember forever. That we handled all of the questions and comments as they came up was amazing. I love being in a live environment like that.
Malin: I’m proud to be part of a company that wants to change the industry. I’m also very proud of having a community that wants the same thing that we do.

What job would you like to have, if you didn’t have this one?

Sofia: It would have to be for a company that matters (like Polestar), still working within communications. Rock star as a back-up plan.
Malin: If I didn’t work with social media, I’d like to work in TV production. Maybe casting.

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

Sofia: I’d really love to be able to heal people. You know, make sick children get well. That’d be a dream come true. Healing powers, that’d be mine.
Malin: My superpower would be the ability to control time. To travel back in time to relive some memories, and also pause time, if I want to do more in a shorter period.

Would you rather have unlimited first-class plane tickets, or never have to pay in restaurants?

Sofia: That’s easy. Never pay in a restaurant. Totally.
Malin: I would say the same, and only five-star restaurants.

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