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Team Lead Consumer Support & Incident Coordination – Digital Enablement

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Team Lead Consumer Support & Incident Coordination – Digital Enablement

Hi there, we are currently looking for a Team Lead to join our Digital Enablement team.

If you are reading this, you probably already know that Polestar is an electric performance car brand. We work hard to create a unique experience for the customer, owner and driver. The thrill of driving the car, the digital experience of buying, owning and controlling a Polestar require us to push the limits of technology and software development. Sustainability has been there from the beginning and we have set a moonshot goal for climate-neutral cars in 2030. There is an ocean of opportunities in this for talented IT professionals who wants to dive in and make a difference.

About Operational Services – Digital Enablement Area

The purpose of Operational Services is to provide support capabilities & platforms to the Polestar organization. Operational Services are responsible for our global service desk, our onsite support team, the Polestar ServiceNow implementation and for the consumer-oriented support team. Operational Services’ three teams are connected in their strive to deliver great support, all the while serving different personas. The lead we are looking for now will be tightly connected to our customer journey and our external customers.

About the role

This is a hands-on team lead role, where the team lead will be serving the team as well as delivering side by side with the team members. You will work closely to our customer care centers, managing customer issues as soon as they turn out to be connected to our digital customer journey. You & the team will play an important role in all digital major incidents affecting our customer journey. You will be operating in a DevOps context, collaborating with ~50 DevOps teams. The team is an on-call team working on a 24/7 schedule. As team lead, you make sure that the team has the right knowledge and are always up to speed regarding changes in the customer journey. You safeguard the team so they can focus on support cases.

Through our leads’ understanding of the market/industry, customer needs and their tech savviness, they ask the right questions and thereby steer their team in the right direction. They are also relationship builders, working alongside external and internal stakeholders to support their team in developing their digital products/services/platforms.

What you will do

  • Incident triage & coordination through techniques such as swarming
  • Planning & prioritizing the team’s work
  • Post-mortem workshops
  • Establishing feedback loops to the DevOps teams
  • Enable the DevOps teams with data & insights for continuous improvements
  • Collaboration with stakeholders and users of your service to develop it in the right direction
  • Encourage a data driven approach to enhance the services in scope
  • Responsible for following up on team-level KPIs and OKRs, and if needed steer the team's direction to meet set KPIs/OKRs
  • Work with the Digital Product Manager and Digital Leads with budget, people development needs, and business cases for new investments

Who you are

  • Experienced team lead
  • Strong collaborator
  • Knowledge hungry and tech savvy
  • Experience of working with cloud, git / source code mgmt, backlog tools, CI/CD, DevOps, agile development…
  • Excellent listener and strong communication skills

Personal qualities

  • Passion to challenge the status quo, find new solutions and drive out of the box ideas – loves and embraces change
  • Believes in a non-hierarchical culture of collaboration, transparency, safety, and trust
  • Not afraid to “roll up the sleeves” and seeks to go outside the comfort zone to learn – pushes teams to do the same
  • Empowers others to fail, learn, and grow
  • Experimental mindset to drive innovation
  • Great listener who is keen to gather and use input from the team

Polestar - the guiding star

Polestar is an electric performance brand, determined to improve the society we live in by catalyzing the change to sustainable mobility. We are a global team of highly talented individuals who share a passion to change the world. We challenge conventions and we challenge ourselves for the purpose of innovation. We believe innovation is a team effort and that just like each component is critical to the performance of our cars each person working at Polestar is as important to the team and its performance. We work in close collaboration across empowered global teams that don’t settle for anything less than excellence.

At Polestar, the sky is the limit.

Is this you? If you are interested in joining the Polestar family, don't wait with submitting your application. We apply a continuous selection process and the job post will be open until the position is filled.

Business Analyst with expertise in Aftermarket

Digital & IT
Polestar Digital

Business Analyst with expertise in Aftermarket

Digital & IT
Polestar Digital
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