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Security Officer – Infrastructure and Network Security

Gothenburg, Sweden

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Security Officer – Infrastructure and Network Security

We are currently looking for a Security Officer to help us further secure the infrastructure and network security.

If you are reading this, you probably already know that Polestar is an electric performance car brand. We work hard to create a unique experience for the customer, owner, and driver. The thrill of driving the car, the digital experience of buying, owning, and controlling a Polestar require us to push the limits of technology and software development. Sustainability has been there from the beginning, and we have set a moonshot goal for climate-neutral cars in 2030. There is an ocean of opportunities in this for talented IT professionals who want to dive in and make a difference. 

The Information Security Department

The Information Security department in Polestar is expanding as the company is growing. Polestar is active in many countries and more markets will come at a rapid pace. The IT landscape complexity is growing and in Information Security we need to keep the company safe from a diverse set of threats. The main threats are cybersecurity-related and to protect against that a solid foundation of security practices is needed.

The department is organized in several areas. This role will be in the Infrastructure and Network area where you will work closely with the infrastructure and manufacturing teams to help secure the networks worldwide. It is a balance between making audits and security assessments and helps actively in configuring environments.

The other areas in the department will provide more specialized skills, like Secure Development practices, cryptography, Red Team/Pen testing, security architecture, and privacy to name a few. People that are interested in security sometimes have a somewhat diverse background and skill base. So will your colleagues and we will all complement each other.

About the role

The role is about to help to secure the network environments like our Wifi systems all the way into cloud environment setup where we use AWS, Azure, and Google cloud services and deployed with Terraform (Infrastructure as Code). You know relevant protocols and how to balance a checklist-based attack surface reduction with the practical needs of a fast-moving business.

At Polestar we are still a new company. You will mostly work with the teams quite practically, but you need to be able to assist with things ranging from policies and directives to try to see if we can bypass controls and hack our environments. You will report to the CISO of Polestar.

What you will do

  • Ensure all systems has an adequate security level for the networks and services. You follow the current threats and keep risks updated and work with the network teams on a daily basis
  • You work with the car manufacturing projects and market areas to assess their security needs and assess their state continuously
  • Threat watch and education of people and staff for your area. This is a collective thing, but you need to take special care of the network-related intrusion threat vectors and actively work to reduce the attack surface

Personal Qualities

  • At Polestar we are building a new company. That requires that you are a shaper, i.e., you can create a process where the is none today and you are the one that proposes a solution.
  • You want to create the best and most efficient protection for the company
  • Open-minded. While you shape and create you reflect on how that affects the other departments
  • You can express what people must or need to do in a clear and convincing way


  • Experience in network security ranging all the way from network and wifi setup, proxies, firewalls, application firewalls, transport security, TLS setup, etc.
  • Good understanding of the current network threat landscape and how to protect against them in an effective manner.
  • Automates as much as possible but still can balance technical protects with a process where needed
  • As Polestar is a “cloud-first” company, knowledge in cloud systems and tools like Terraform for infrastructure as code is a plus
  • Good scoping skills. Helping teams create a path and a roadmap ahead for security is a plus
  • Risk management and Threat Modeling is a plus


If you have questions, contact

John Karman Head of Information Security (CISO) +46 734340612 [email protected]

People at Polestar

We know that a change is needed. We also know that each one of us can help bring about that change. Our commitment to becoming climate-neutral by 2040 is just as important to us as being inclusive, diverse, and innovative. Together, we are creating, collaborating and experimenting to usher in a new era of sustainable mobility.

We are an electric performance brand, determined to improve the society we live in.


Is this you? If you are interested in joining the Polestar family, don't wait with submitting your application. We apply a continuous selection process and the job post will be open until the position is filled.

Are you ready for the journey? Which is electric by the way...

Solution Architects - Polestar Digital

A chance to design and create some of Polestar's most critical digital products.

Digital & IT
Gothenburg, Sweden

Solution Architects - Polestar Digital

A chance to design and create some of Polestar's most critical digital products.

Digital & IT
Gothenburg, Sweden
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